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Updated January 13, 2015

It's been eight years since my breast cancer (knock on wood!). When I was diagnosed, I was 42, madly in love, and a busy author writing books for HarperCollins and Random House. To say I was blind-sided is putting it mildly. I had never felt so healthy in my life. I exercised regularly, ate an almost vegetarian diet, and I rarely even caught a cold. My lump was palpable, but my mammogram was negative. My OB/Gyn thought it was just another of the cysts I was prone to getting. But I had a sense it wasn't going away. I requested an ultrasound three months after the negative mammogram when I felt a prickle right on the spot, like it was saying, "Hey, get rid of me! I'm bad news!" That ultrasound lead to a biopsy which showed I had a rare form of breast cancer called pure mucinous carcinoma. My world turned upside-down the moment I got the call from my doctor saying, "I'm sorry. It's not a cyst." My knees wobbled. My brain went foggy.

And then the adrenaline kicked in.

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